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Discovering the Laws of Design

When someone first starts out learning about design, it all seems so simple and straightforward. Just make things look better, right? Use cool fonts, mix up the colors a little bit, and suddenly everything’s magically improved. But the further you get into design, the...

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Our First Time

We're back! After scheduling conflicts and you know, reasons, we are a bit off our schedule... but not any more! On this episode, we all share our experiences discovering the Internet and online culture. Also, watch your pets if you live near Austin. You've been...

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Zeff, director of local non-profit, Comicare, joins us to talk about their charity organization, sharing comic books with kids, and the impact on everyone involved.

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Ryan Dalton

Author Ryan Dalton sits down with us to talk about working with Phoenix Comicon, the writing process, and selling his first young adult novel series. A quick note and apology for the sound quality of this episode. There were technical difficulties (read human error)...

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Eric Torres

Designer and world creator, Eric Torres, joins us for a candid conversation about his origin and influences, building the World of Rynaga, cultivating creativity, and building community.

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Andrea Beesley

Andrea Beesley, who has been doing great things in the valley for going on 10 years, sat down with us to chat about movies, events, and expanding the culture experience, in Phoenix.

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Clintus McGintus

Thanks to Chandler Data Professionals, we're able to bring you this episode with Clintus. Clintus joins us to share what it's been like becoming a fulltime YouTuber, how to build an audience, and sharing his family with the world.

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We set out to record part 2 of Austin's origin story but ended up talking more about our kids and parenting... So we present to you: DadCast!

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